One of the nicest things about life
is the way we must stop whatever
it is we are doing and devote our
attention to eating.

Try a class with Dorcas

Learning to get the nutritional balance right in your diet is so important for great health. I provide a range of cookery classes to help you to incorporate easy and delicious healthy meals for you and your family.  Classes offer opportunities to learn how to include new and interesting foods into your family meals, and  include healthy ‘fast food’ so that even if your time is stretched, your family’s health and nutrition won’t be sacrificed.

Classes are also available to match the detox programme, so that you can learn about and taste, mouthwatering and satisfying food to eat throughout the 30 day programme.  If you have food allergies or intolerances, classes are included which show ways to eat dairy-free, wheat-free and sugar-free without compromising taste.

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